• Building better humans


South West’s premier training facility

We are not like other gyms. We have no machines. We have no mirrors. You are the machine, and your body is the most sophisticated locomotive device ever invented. We train people to make the most of the body they were born with, to be the best they can be, to live well. We believe that living healthy and living well is only possible with fitness. Being fit means being able to do more, it means simply to be a better human.

We have trained preschoolers, granddads, professional athletes, lifeguards and triathletes, housewives and desk jockeys. We believe that elite fitness is achievable to all. Our coaching, programming and all services are based on this belief: that fitness should be broad, general, inclusive and fun. We scale movements and loads, not programs. The needs of an Olympic athlete and a grandmother differ in kind, not in intensity.

We are a world class strength and conditioning facility located in a unique riverside spot in a green South Devon valley. We have a state of the art CrossFit gym with two functional fitness rooms, oly barbells, climbing ropes, gymnastics rings and a Rogue pull up rig. We have changing rooms with showers, free wifi and plenty of parking. Outside we have a year round grass riverside running park with a 500m, 400m and 250m tracks and an outdoor pull up rig, and a big field for playing with atlas stones, logs and tyres. We have a 100m flat sprint track for running and sledge pulls. Out of the gate we have several miles of trails in Avon woods. We believe there is no other affiliate in the world that has the scope to program like we do.

What makes us unique and special is the community of individuals who train with us. They come from all backgrounds and everyone is welcome and supported in their quest to become a better version of themselves.

Join us.